Nelson Alvarado


Nelson Alvarado
President - Chief Executive Officer - International Finance Bank

Nelson V. Alvarado is President and Chief Executive Officer of International Finance Bank since July 2000. Before joining IF Group as Executive Vice President for International Finance Bank in 1999, he was employed by Banco Santander Central Hispano, a well-known European Bank.

For more than twenty years he has led a successful professional career in the banking and financial industry, holding several executive positions and directing assignments in North and South America. Mr. Alvarado has a vast international business experience, he has traveled extensively for business and leisure, and he is well recognized in South Florida’s multicultural business community.

Mr. Alvarado has a B.A. in Political Science, a J.D. from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru, and Post-Graduate Diploma in International Business Management from UC Berkeley, California.  He is a native of Tacna, Peru and has been leaving in Miami with his wife and two children for the past twenty years.

Mr. Alvarado is also member of the Board of Directors of International Finance Bank in Miami, EBNA Bank N.V. Curacao, IMB in Bahamas, The Peruvian American Chamber of Commerce, and Centro Cultural Español, among some other business, cultural and community organizations. He is an active member of the extensive Peruvian American community residing in South Florida.