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Safe Place

Communities all share a concern about the safety and welfare of their youth and search for ways to keep their young people safe. The risk of abuse, neglect, or serious family problems jeopardize this safety and may result in running away from home. Project Safe Place gives youth in crisis a safer alternative. The program provides access to immediate help and safety to those young people between the ages of 10 and 17.
How it works:
  • A youth in crisis walks into any Safe Place location (school, library, fire station, etc.). He will let an employee know that he needs help. A Safe Place location is designated by the yellow and black logo.
  • The employee will call the local Safe Place agency.
  • A Safe Place volunteer will arrive to talk with the youth and transport him to the agency.
  • A counselor will meet with the youth to provide any necessary assistance. By law in most states, family members or guardians will be contacted to let them know that the youth is safe.
  • Safe Place will provide the youth and their family with counseling and supportive resources made possible through a network of agencies, volunteers, and businesses. The goal is to resolve family conflicts before a situation becomes dangerous.
Local Information:

Miami Bridge, Inc.
Stephanie Solivei
2810 NW South River Drive
Miami, FL 33125-1120
(305) 635-8953
National Information:

(502) 635-3660

For more information, please visit the Safe Place website: http://www.iglou.com/safeplace

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