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Asset Management Section

The Asset Management Section consists of two divisions, Lease Management and Property Management. The Lease Management Division is staffed with a Lease Manager and two Sr. Project Representatives. The Property Management division is supervised by the Property Manager and has 4 support staff. Asset Management manages an average of 104 leases/licenses of City-owned property and 28 leases from others scattered throughout the approximately 35 square miles of the City and maintains the City's property inventory consisting of approximately 631 parcels inclusive of parks, fire stations, City administrative buildings, public facilities, vacant lots and housing sites.

Asset Management Role:

  • Manage the leasing of property to and from other parties
  • Issue RFPs for the sale or development of City-owned property
  • Categorize City-owned properties according to use
  • Establish market values
  • Draft and negotiate various agreements
  • Monitor and enforce contractual obligations of leases, licenses and management agreements
  • Identify property suitable for sale or lease
  • Maintain records and update, as necessary, the City's property inventory
  • Serve as real estate advisor to other City departments and City agencies, as needed.

Additionally, Asset Management selects and manages service providers such as Tax Consultants and Appraisers in an on-going effort to work with the Miami-Dade County Property Appraiser to assure that properties located in the City are assessed at appropriate value. Staff and its consultants participate in Value Adjustment Hearings at the County.

It should be noted that Asset Management does not have responsibility for maintaining all city-owned real estate nor managing programs at all city-owned sites. Rather, Asset Management provides in-house expertise and assistance to other city departments. It serves as the City's agent in its roles as seller, buyer, landlord and tenant, negotiating and drafting contracts for the sale, lease and/or management of real property.