Development & Roadway



  • Conduct engineering plan reviews for land development/building permit related applications.
  • Subdivision related properties: performs reviews of tentative plat submittals, prepares estimates of subdivision improvement bond, performs reviews subdivision right of way improvement engineering plan, prepares hold harmless agreements, conducts assessment of subdivision improvement completion, performs reviews of subdivision improvement as-built surveys.
  • Conducts reviews and recommendations for plans submitted by Capital improvement, Miami-Dade County, and Florida Department of Transportation.
  • Conducts Line and Grade inspections including set back inspection as courtesy of Zoning Department.  Inspects right of way conditions in conjunction to the approved plans and Engineering Standards and Bulletins.

  • Processes and administers covenants and various city agreements and waiver which include:

o      Non-standard right of way improvements

o      Temporary encroachments

o      Sidewalk postponement

o      Dedication waiver

o      Perpetual easement

o      Improvement bond

  • Establishes process criteria for plan reviews, inspections, covenant application, various legal agreements.    
  • Handles a variety of public contact information involving complain and problem resolution, technical or engineering issues
  • Recommends resolutions to the Public Works Director on all issues related to plan reviews, inspections, covenant applications.
  •  Develops engineering standard details (new standards and modification/improvements to existing standards) to be incorporated into City of Miami Public Works Engineering Standard Details.

  • Conducts and Chairs Plat and Street Committee monthly meeting for reviews of tentative plat of subdivision and recommendations to the Zoning board for right of way vacation.

  • Process and administers telecommunications agreements.

  • Administers and inspects news racks and bus bench/shelter permits.

  • Conducts review of zoning and hearing board plans.









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