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The Department of Public Works is responsible for the infrastructure maintenance and repairs of our City’s streets. The Department of Public Works is composed of the following sections.

Office of the Director/Administration Section
The Office of the Director/Administration Section is responsible to oversee the day to day operations of personnel, maintenance agreements, budget, finance and procurement.

Survey Section
Survey is responsible for the processing of Plats for the new subdivisions; they provide street right of way dimension, as well as information concerning existing subdivision. They also provide survey services for Line and Grade staking relater to building permits, they process dedication of right of way and they maintain records, documents and plans concerning the public right of way.

Development and Roadway Plans Section
The Development and Roadway Plans Section is responsible to receive and process street complaints. They maintain and disseminate public street records, process telecommunications agreements and perform building permit plans review. They also administer news racks and bus bench/shelter permits and inspections, administer street improvements permits, prepare maintenance covenants and agreements, review zoning and hearing board plans, process alley closures in residential districts, process record plats for new subdivisions, perform building permits line and grade inspections, design, contract and construction management services for local street projects as well as maintenance projects.

Right of Way Permit/Utilities/Construction Sections
The Right of Way Section maintains and disseminates storm sewer records, administers excavation permits and inspections, administers banner, sidewalk café, pay telephone and street vendor permits and inspections. They process and issue temporary street closure permits and inspections, process and issue waterfront permits and inspections, maintain underground utility information and handle inspection services for local street and storm drainage projects.

NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System)
The NPDES section receives and processes Storm Drainage complaints. They also design, contract and do the construction of management services for local Storm Sewer Projects. They are also responsible for reviewing and inspecting building permit pollution prevention plans, conduct site inspections and enforcement of public and private facilities for compliance with environmental regulations. They collect pollution control monitoring data, conduct inspections and maintenance of stormwater structural controls and collection systems, review plans for stormwater flood control projects, document certification and licensing of applicants contracted to apply pesticides and herbicides. Conduct field screening for illicit pollution discharges, spills and disposal, conduct training programs for erosion and sediment control, prepare annual City of Miami Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System report and process and inspect landscaping permits on public property and street right of way.

Operations Section
The operations section is composed of four different teams such as City’s Streets Maintenance, Storm Sewer Maintenance, Right of Way Maintenance and Street Lighting Maintenance. The Street Maintenance's team duties are to receive and process complaints, perform repairs of damaged pavement and potholes, perform repairs to damaged sidewalks and curbs and perform maintenance of swales and filling trash holes. The Storm Sewer's team receives and processes storm sewer complaints, they perform cleaning of storm sewer inlets and pipes, repairs of damaged inlets, frames and covers, perform removal of debris and outfalls and perform minor repairs of storm drainage systems. The Right of Way's team receives and processes right of way complaints, perform mowing of streets medians and traffic control areas, trimming of street trees, remove debris from right of way and they plant sod and incidental landscaping at designated areas within the right of way. Finally, the Operations Street Lighting's team receives and processes street light complaints, review street lights plans for right of way and inspect for compliance, conduct night time inspections for street lights outages and verify illuminations coverage. They also, coordinate City, Developers and FPL street lighting projects and report street lighting outages to FPL, State and County agencies.

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