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If you are considering remodeling your home, adding on or making any kind of improvement, be aware of the early warning signs of an unlicensed contractor before you hire someone.

The early warning signs are as follows:

• A large down payment is requested before work begins.

• Many requests for money during early phases of construction.

• They ask you to obtain the permit. A licensed contractor in good standing will always obtain the permit.

• Terms are not put in writing, the contract is only verbal.

• The contractor doesn’t have proof of insurance. Licensed contractors must have general liability insurance and worker’s compensation in effect at all times.

• Call the Building Department if you are told that the job does not require a permit or inspections. Almost all projects, except for very minor repairs, require a permit and inspections.

• The work is done only on weekends or after hours. Licensed contractors are full-time professionals.

• Someone, other than the person or company you contracted to do the work obtains the permit.

• Does not have a state or county certification.

• Asks that the check be made payable to his/her name or to cash, rather than a company name.

• No Certificate of Competency number on the vehicle, business cards, or advertisement.

You may call our department at (305) 416-1116 to verify if the person you are hiring is licensed and registered with the City.


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