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New Survey Seeks Feedback on Improving City's Website

(Miami, FL November 15, 2016) - The City of Miami is planning to completely redesign our website to improve online access to information on government services. The first step is getting feedback from the community. That's why the City is conducting a broad survey of Miami community members who use our website at home, at work, through community center or on their phone.

The survey results will be used to help develop the prototype for a new website which will eventually transform the City of Miami's web presence by incorporating ADA-compliant design, easy navigation, better search capability, and data-driven content.

City Manager Daniel J. Alfonso says that a major goal of the redesign is to provide a data-driven website where residents and business owners can get exceptional service and information without having to visit City offices.

"We want to partner with our customers in developing an online experience that delivers real value to this community," he said "If the website doesn't work for you, it simply doesn't work."

The survey is brief - responses should take less than 10 minutes - and may be completed anonymously. It asks about the participant's neighborhood, age and Internet use, current satisfaction with City services, and then about their needs and experiences with the City's website.

The survey is available in English and Spanish:

The project is identifying ways to recognize and respond to how citizens want city services delivered through a city's website, put community members at the center of service delivery and designs around them. The project bridges the digital divide to reach deeper and wider into the areas of the community that can be better served

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