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What can the EAP program provide assistance with? show answer

Answer:  The EAP individual counseling and consultation services can provide individuals with assistance in areas such as:
  • Managing stress and its effects on health
  • Family or marital problems
  • Emotional difficulties such as depression, anxiety, or other adjustment issues
  • Counseling following traumatic incidents such as a chronic illness or death in the family
  • Counseling to provide support thorough difficult life transitions (eg., divorce)
  • Financial problems
  • Alcohol or drug-related problems
  • Managing job/career dissatisfaction or transitions
  • Gaining awareness of personal values, strengths, and abilities
  • Gaining self-awareness and enhancing effectiveness through Individualized behavioral / personality assessment and performance coaching
  • Assessing behavioral and/or physical health risk factors (eg., depression, heart disease, etc.) to enhance well-being

Who is eligible for services? show answer

Answer:  The EAP services are provided to all full-time and part-time City employees.

How does the EAP program work and how are services accessed? show answer

Answer:  An individual can meet with a licensed professional to assess their needs and plan for resolution. To provide timely and comprehensive services, EAP consultations are provided both internally as well as externally through the City’s medical benefits plan provider network. (1) For internal consultation, employees can contact the Employee Assistance Program Administrator, Dr. Nadeen Medvin, directly at 305-416-2129, to schedule a private consultation. (2) For external services, employees may contact CIGNA directly at 1-800-554-6931 to obtain an outside referral. This number can also be used as a hot-line for evening and weekend calls or for brief telephonic consultation. Risk Management Group Benefits

(3) The employee’s supervisor can recommend a consultation if personal issues are affecting an employee’s performance and productivity. The employee’s supervisor in extreme situations (eg., substance abuse, performance issues potentially leading to termination) can make a mandatory referral.

After the initial consultation, based upon the employee’s needs, the EAP will provide short-term counseling and follow-up consultation or provide an outside referral that is covered by the City’s medical benefits plan.

What is the advantage of utilizing the EAP services to obtain an outside mental health referral? show answer

Answer: There are several advantages to using the City’s internal EAP service. The initial assessment and consultation provided may help resolve problems faster than waiting for an available outside source. Short-term counseling or a structured coaching process may be all that is needed to provide support. In addition, the professional evaluation helps prevent ineffective utilization and co-payment costs by helping employees get referrals to the most appropriate type of professional for the given situation. Specific screening criteria are used to obtain the referrals through the City’s CIGNA medical plan which may include: Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Mental Health Counselors, Clinical Social Workers, or addiction professionals.

Is there a cost for services? show answer

Answer: The services provided by the internal EAP office are free of charge. Any outside referral is subject to the employee’s medical insurance coverage and may require co-payments for routine doctor’s office visits. External EAP referrals provide up to 3 free visits without any co-payment charges for EAP providers within the network of practitioners.

Are services confidential? show answer

Answer: All EAP consultation services are confidential and in accordance with State, Federal regulations and professional practice guidelines. Employees who seek services on a voluntary basis will only have information released to those individuals they authorize to receive information and for the purposes they limit disclosure for through signing a release of information form. (Eg., communications between treatment professionals to coordinate ongoing care)

In the case of mandatory referrals the EAP administrator will only inform supervisors that the employee has kept appointments, approximate time-frame needs for ongoing appointments, and potential support needs that the employee may have to maintain effectiveness. No personal or medical information is shared. Confidentiality can only be broken when an individual is a danger to themselves or others, as required by law

Note: Requests for assistance will not affect job security or promotional opportunities. EAP records are not included in personnel records.

What is the Wellness Program and How Does it Work? show answer

Answer: The Wellness Program is an educational and preventative health component of the EAP. Wellness programs and EAP consultations, combined, help by providing behavioral and physical health promotion and illness prevention education, through self-awareness enhancing activities. This experiential, mind-body approach offers new perspectives for individual change by helping employees become aware of their behavior, emotions, and thought patterns that impact their health and future success and well-being.

Some examples of wellness program learning tracks include:

  • Work-Life Balance: Provides education on parenting, eldercare, and how to better manage our hectic modern lifestyles
  • Stress Management: Teaches valuable tips on enhancing coping skills and resiliency
  • Enhancing Your Health and Well-being: Provides guidance on enhancing personal fitness and nutrition
  • Relating to Self and Others: Focuses on cultivating healthy emotions, managing life transitions, enhancing interpersonal relations, and managing emotions and conflict

To learn more about our wellness educational programs, or to register for a program, please visit our department’s Organizational Development and Training calendar.

For information on individualized wellness consultations, please contact Dr. Nadeen Medvin, EAP Administrator, at (305) 416-2129,

Wellness and Mental Health Readings

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