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City of Miami

Department of Employee Relations

Enhancing the City’s Quality of Work-life and Employee Effectiveness Through Proactive Behavioral Health and Wellness Education Services.

Empowerment and Acceleration to Achieve Your Goals!
EAP Division Overview ...

The Employee Assistance division is responsible for coordinating and providing City wide employee assistance (EAP) and wellness educational programs and services. An individualized approach focuses on the enhancement of employee effectiveness and alignment of the City’s strategic objectives concerning quality of work-life and related performance enhancement initiatives.

The division’s mission is to enhance the City’s quality of work-life and productivity by proactively providing professional behavioral health services and preventative wellness and health promotion programs to enable employees and managers to develop their strengths and maintain personal effectiveness and resiliency.

Corporate Employee Assistance and Wellness Programs Make Sense -- Empowerment and Acceleration to Achieve Your Goals.

EAP and Wellness Program Overview…

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The City of Miami recognizes the value and importance in developing its most valuable resource --- it’s employees. The increased stresses in the world today have impacted the workplace making it imperative that organizations find ways to support their employees’ productivity and well-being. It’ easy to become overwhelmed and out-of-balance. Personal problems can affect one’s ability to function on the job, just as job demands can influence one’s home-life and personal relationships.

The City’s EAP and Wellness program are professional, confidential services provided to employees free of charge. The individualized counseling and consultation services are designed to provide employees with resources and tools to successfully identify and manage their personal difficulties to maintain their personal and professional effectiveness. The EAP can help you by providing guidance and/or outside provider referrals as needed to assist with difficulties related to stress, family and relationship problems, interpersonal difficulties, substance abuse, or other emotional difficulties. The Wellness educational programs provide valuable tips on enhancing your personal effectiveness and well-being.

To learn more about your EAP and Wellness Program please contact:
Dr. Nadeen Medvin, Employee Assistance Program Administrator,
(305) 416-2129

City of Miami Employee Assistance Program
Miami Riverside Center
Department of Employee Relations
444 S.W. 2nd Avenue, 7th Floor
Miami, FL 33130

Note: All EAP consultation services are confidential and in accordance with State and Federal regulations.

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