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Wellness is more than the absence of illness. Wellness is about well-being, balance, and the powerful connection between the mind and the body. The Wellness Program offers a variety of educational and preventative health seminars and individual consultations to enhance your effectiveness and well-being. Most programs are offered in a convenient “lunch-and-learn” format and focus on various life-style issues that affect our health and overall work and life satisfaction. This individualized approach can help you focus on any of the wellness program learning tracks (noted below) to assess your needs, enhance your self-awareness, and customize a development program to align your behavior, emotions, and thought patterns that influence your productivity and overall health.

Some examples of wellness program learning tracks include:

  • Work-Life Balance: Provides education on parenting, eldercare, and how to better manage our hectic modern lifestyles
  • Stress Management: Teaches valuable tips on enhancing coping skills and resiliency
  • Enhancing Your Health and Well-being: Provides guidance on enhancing personal fitness and nutrition
  • Relating to Self and Others: Focuses on cultivating healthy emotions, managing life transitions, enhancing interpersonal relations, and managing emotions and conflict

Over time, we eventually become what we habitually do. Make your wellness a priority today.

To register for programs in any of the above wellness program learning tracks, please contact Ms. Kathy Johnson at 305-416-2008, or visit the Department of Employee Relations’ Organizational Development and Training site For information on individual consultations, please contact Dr. Nadeen Medvin, EAP Administrator, at (305) 416-2129. nmedvin@miamigov.com

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