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The City of Miami is dedicated to providing employees with quality training programs tailored to develop strategic skills and provide employees with key information. Organization Development and Training provides a variety of personal and professional development programs tailored to foster a quality work environment and instill a customer focused and high performance culture. Programs range from those that are mandatory, to those which can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the team, section, or department; with the ultimate goal of improving performance and enhancing the employee experience.


Organization Development (OD) is the process of improving organizations. The process is carefully planned and implemented to benefit the organization, its employees and its stakeholders.

The change process supports improvement of the organization or group as a whole. The O.D. Division will work closely with City departments to gather data, define issues and determine a suitable course of action. The department will then be assessed to create an understanding of the current situation and to identify opportunities for change that will meet business objectives.

The ways in which people communicate and work together are addressed concurrently with technical or procedural issues that need resolution.


Profitability, productivity, morale and quality of work life are of concern to most organizations because they impact achievement of organization goals. There is an increasing trend to maximize an organization's investment in its employees. Jobs that previously required physical dexterity now require more mental effort. Organizations need to "work smarter" and apply creative ideas.

The work force has also changed. Employees expect more from a day's work than simply a day's pay. They want challenge, recognition, a sense of accomplishment, worthwhile tasks and meaningful relationships with their managers and co-workers. When these needs are not met, performance declines.

Today's customers demand continually improving quality, rapid product or service delivery; fast turn-around time on changes, competitive pricing and other features that are best achieved in complex environments by innovative organizational practices. The effective organization must be able to meet today's and tomorrow's challenges. Adaptability and responsiveness are essential to survive and thrive.

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