Emergency Medical Services Support

Emergency Medical Services Support
Assistant Chief
Assistant Chief
Terrance W. Davis
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City of Miami
Department of Fire-Rescue
Management Services Division
1151 NW 7th Street
Miami, Florida 33136

To afford the best quality immediate medical care and transportation to the residents and visitors of the City of Miami. Our department was the first to provide rescue and EMS services in the State of Florida.

Quality Management
The Officers in Quality Management (QM) monitor the Emergency Medical Alarms that Fire-Rescue units respond to during the year. Auditing alarms, ensuring protocol is followed, and assisting in prosecuting criminal and civil cases are some of the responsibilities of this Unit. Training is given to the Officers on an as - needed basis. QM also attends meetings with area hospitals and acts as a liaison for issues that will have an affect on hospitals and/or Fire-Rescue.

PAD Program
The PAD coordinator monitors the Automatic External Defibrillation program for the City of Miami. From 2006 to present, we have distributed 489 AED units to all of the Dade County Schools and have trained 800-900 teachers how to properly use this device. We have placed approximately 750 AED units throughout the City of Miami community. We conduct monthly CPR training for City of Miami employees through our Wellness Program and have taught additional 400 individuals CPR training through their respective agencies.

EMS Training & Infection Control Section
Our Paramedic Instructor Section revised the Department’s EMS Protocol Manual and conducted the EMS Protocol training for our Firefighter Candidate Class members. Additionally, in-service paramedic training classes were given to over 580 Paramedics in the Emergency Response Division.

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