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Free Tax Preparation

Each City of Miami NET office offers free tax preparation assistance to those whose annual household income does not exceed $56,000. In addition to free tax preparation, the NET office can help you with electronic tax filing and direct deposit of tax refunds. This free service is only available from Jan. 4 until April 15. Contact your nearest NET office for more information.


Homeless Assistance Program

The City of Miami Homeless Assistance Program provides outreach, assessment, placement, information, referrals and transportation to homeless individuals and families. If you're homeless and in need of help, or know someone who needs assistance, call our toll-free hotline at (866) 733-3763.


Emergency Preparedness

The first line of preparedness for any emergency is to plan to meet your basic survival needs for 72 hours. Get more information by downloading our multi-lingual flyer, or click on the link below, to learn how best to protect your family or business during an emergency.


Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Each year, the Neighborhood Enhancement Team (NET) helps thousands of families in the City of Miami through our neighborhood outreach efforts, which center on providing better access to critical government services and lending assistance to people in need.


Find a NET Office Near You

The Neighborhood Enhancement Team (NET) is able to help residents, businesses and property owners access city, county, state and federal government services through our network of 10 offices throughout the city. Click on the link below to find a NET office near you.


Permits & Applications

Did you know you can visit your nearby NET office to apply for a permit or other city service application? If you own a home, busines or property in the City of Miami and you need to apply for a Certificate of Use, Business Tax Receipt, Construction Noise Waiver, or even a free Garage Sale permit, NET can help.


Neighborhood Service Workers

The NET Neighborhood Service Workers (NSWs) help address quality of life issues city-wide. They work tirelessly to reduce the effects of graffiti, illegal dumping and homeless encampments throughout the City of Miami. When needed, the NSW's are able to quickly respond to remove debris on the public right-of-way, as well as provide support for clean-up projects and community events throughout the city.


NET Helps Fight Crime

Want to learn how to fight and deter criming in your neighborhood? NET can help. Visit your local NET office learn crime prevention tips or get more information about how to start a Crime Watch group in your area.


311Direct App

The 311Direct app enables you to report neighborhood problems and code violations to the 311 Answer Center directly from your phone. It is available for Android and iPhone. Click on the links to learn more and download the app.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Click below to read a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions received by NET.

News Bulletin
Property Registration


Community Champions has entered into a partnership with the city of Miami to manage their property registration program. An integral part of the program is guiding RP's (Responsible Parties) such as financial institutions, attorneys, realtors etc to out app to register the properties as required in accordance with the enacted ordinance. Click here to visit

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Construction in Your Area: Pardon Our Dust!

Did you know that the City of Miami's Capital Improvements & Transporation Department (CITP) posts regular reports about ongoing roadway and drainage projects throughout the city and county? You can find these weekly reports the new CITP website under the heading Alerts. Click on those links or visit

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Find Your Nearest NET Office

The NET Department has a network of 11 offices that serve as the primary link to city government within a neighborhood. We recently changed our NET boundaries to better serve you, but as always you can visit any NET office anywhere in the city to get answers to your questions or resolve a neighborhood issue. To find the office closest to you, click on either of these links:
NET Boundaries (to view) or NET Boundaries (to print).

Tax Prep 2016

Planning & Zoning
Permits & Waivers in Your Neighborhood

The City of Miami Planning & Zoning Dept. posts useful information about special notices, permits and waivers, interpretations and warrants that might have an impact on your neighborhood. To learn more, click here to visit the Planning & Zoning Dept.'s most recent list.
Planning Zoning & Notifications

Hearing Boards

Hearing Boards

Ever wonder how land use changes, rezoning, and variances are decided? City of Miami Hearing Boards process and handle applications and petitions, as well as notifications to property owners and neighborhood associations about cases, liens and public hearings. Click on the link below to view the most recent schedules of public hearings and for helpful documents.
City of Miami Hearing Boards

NET Logo

NET is On the Move!

The Downtown-Brickell NET office is fully operational from its temporary location and can be reached by calling (305) 960-5135. Also note: the City of Miami NET Administration and the Little Havana NET offices have already relocated to the following locations:

Downtown-Brickell NET
1401 North Miami Ave., 2nd floor
Miami, Florida 33136
(305) 960-5135

NET Administration
151 NW 27 Avenue
Miami, Florida 33125
(305) 960-5110

Little Havana NET
1300 SW 12 Avenue
Miami, Florida 33129
(305) 960-4650

Report a Problem

You can call NET at (305) 960-4NET (4638) or dial 3-1-1
to report a problem or get general information in
English, Spanish or Creole.

Email a problem to NET
Email Miami Dade County 311
Report a problem on the 311 Website
Download 311Direct App for iPhone and Android



NET Services
Direct311 iPhone Application

311Direct App

The 311Direct iPhone app enables you to report neighborhood problems and code violations to the 311 Answer Center directly from your phone.

Click here for more info

For 72, Help Us Help You

For 72
Help Us Help You

The first line of preparedness for any emergency is to plan to meet your basic survival needs for 72 hours. Get more information and download our multi-lingual flyer to learn how best to protect your family or business during an emergency.

For more info click here
72 HELP flyer (English, Español & Kreyòl)

Free On-Demand Transportation

Free On-Demand Transportation

The City of Miami provides low-income seniors (over the age of 65), and individuals with disabilities, access to free transportation within the city limits. Download an application today!

On-Demand Transportation Application - English
Transporte Bajo Demanda Formulario - Español
Transpòrtasyon Fòm Aplikasyon - Kreyòl

First-Time Homebuyer Program Now Open

First-Time Homebuyer Program

The City of Miami has funds available to help eligible low-income persons buying a primary home within the city limits. If you meet certain criteria, you may be eligible for assistance towards the purchase of your home!

First-Time Homebuyer Application - English
Formulario para Compradores de Vivienda por Primera Vez - Español

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of the most frequently asked questions received by NET.

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Homeless Assistance Program

Homeless Assistance

providing Outreach, Assessment, Placement, Information, Referral and Transportation services to homeless individuals and families.

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NET: Neighborhood Service Workers

Neighborhood Service Workers

Neighborhood Service Workers quickly and efficiently respond to community requests regarding quality of life issues.

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Permits and Applications”

Permits and Applications

Come to NET for Certificate of Use, free Garage Sales permits, Construction Noise waiver, and more.

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